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By its very nature, photography enables us to engage the world through our individual vision.  The discovery of worlds both large and small opens a myriad of paths for introspection and communication.  For the viewer, images produced may seem representational, whimsical, or even evocative of powerful emotions.  Photographs may record history, reveal our past, or exist to remind us of our humanity. As a contemporary photographer I regularly remind myself of photography’s rules and norms, and yet, I continually ask myself “Why do these things matter?”  

Each image, whether communicating reality or some sense of the unknown, lives within the photographers mind as his personal visualization. Visualization is applied individually, and it is my intent to create photographs that transcend representation, bend reality, express feelings, or initiate conversation, through the creation of an image. 

Donald Saxton

Arizona State University

Previous Clients and Commissions:

Levi Strauss & Co. - San Francisco, CA

Phillip Morris - Pittsburg, PA

Ponderosa Ranch - Incline Village, NV

Heavenly Valley - South Lake Tahoe, NV

Cal-Neva Lodge - Lake Tahoe, NV

Private and Corporate Collections:

Museum Tower – Dallas, TX

Ernie & Julie Dill - Stuart, FL

Stone Edge Winery – Sonoma, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Simons –Seattle, WA

Golden Gate Urgent Care - San Francisco, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hayter – Gardnerville, NV

Dan Hall Interiors – Palm Springs, CA

David Hemmingway - Palm Springs, CA

Deborah Page Projects – Palm Desert, CA

Cave Creek  AZ 
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